DFR concentrates on a core program of workshops that teach residents the most possible about software, machines and related 2D and 3D workflows and processes that utilize digital fabrication strategies. Each of our core workshops offer residents hands-on help to develop project ideas and test out concepts and workflows taught in the workshops. Residents are welcome to submit files to DFR for digital embroidery, textile sample prints, laser cutting/engraving, 3D FDM prints and CNC routing. 

    In addition to our core program workshops, we follow the interests of the session group and individual resident interests to offer additional workshops outlined below that augment the foundation built by the core workshops. Residents are always welcome during his/her Individual Weekly Project Meeting to ask to review or expand on the material and workflows covered each week. 

What software programs are discussed? Fusion 360, SketchUp, Rhino, Modo, Z-Brush, SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, NetFab, Simplify 3D, 123 Autodesk programs, PE- Design, Embird, Vectrics Suite, Fusion 360 CAM and more...

     Workshops include supplemental presentation materials and readings. Residents are highly encouraged to print out the presentations prior to the start of the workshop to help in the learning process. Residents also have access to the Resident Resource Hub which allows him/her to share project ideas, profile descriptions and access a wide range of supplemental resource material.