Residency Participation Fee

     Digital Fabrication Residency is not affiliated or beholden to any vendor, organization or institution, no endowments, or external funding help DFR operate. We do it all ourselves. This makes us able to build the DFR program based on what artists need to know, what machines and equipment are helpful to have access to in order to experiment with new ideas, able to maintain a solid foundation in all levels of software integral to creative application of digital fabrication strategies and supporting the infrastructure necessary to provide an amazing experience to residents. We are a lean mean digital fabrication residency machine! We know the residency participation fee is a big commitment as all commitments to professional development in the technology and art sector are in this age of tremendous developments.

   Due to all these factors, we recommend applicants decide what is best for them financially. Acceptance into the program includes a residency participation fee which is valued based on the expertise of our team, the machines that residents have access to while in residency, wealth of information whether pertaining to workflows or resources that are presented in workshops and the content always available to residents in the DFR Resident Resource Hub which residents have access to long after their residency term, DFR operation costs and a variety of other assets we provide for residents including temporary licenses to selected software programs. 


    We want to give our residents the best information, an inspiring experience, help resident's create projects that propel their creative process to new heights and we would be remiss if we did include the best options for making the residency accessible for our highly accomplished residents who may need alittle help along the way. DFR has joined forces with PayPal to provide accepted incoming residents with the option to utilize PayPal's financing.

If you would like to learn more about PayPal financing, visit