This residency was absolutely perfect for me. In terms of content, overview and time. [Digital Fabrication Residency has] taught me so much and [has] also inspired me to move forward and continue to embrace new technology as a vehicle of visual expression as well as a playground for experimentation.
— 2015 Resident Kelly Leslie

Resources Available to Onsite Residents | Boss Laser 16" x 30" | Camaster CNC Router | Structure io 3D Scanner | FDM 3D Printer | Form 2 Resin 3D Printer | Vinyl Cutter 31.5" Wide | Brother PR 1000e 10-needle Digital Embroidery Machine | Brother PE 770 Single Needle Digital Embroidery Machine | Bernina Q24 Automated Long Arm Sewing Machine | Basic Hand Tools

3 Day Onsite

Residency Participation Fee: $700


Residents gain access for 3 days to learn and gain hands-on experience with laser cutting, CNC routing, FDM & resin 3D printing, digital embroidery, automated long arm sewing, plotter drawings, vinyl cutting and 3D scanning. Applications for the 3 Day onsite residency program must include a project proposal that outlines what the resident plans to work on and learning objectives while onsite. Residents are responsible for arranging their own accommodations, travel expenses, meals and materials, if projects require materials outside of those provided.

DFR works with residents on an online meeting prior to their onsite visit to discuss learning objective and prospective samples or experimentation that the resident is hoping to pursue. This is a highly individualized opportunity to work with the DFR team to learn, develop and work through ideas in software and on the machines utilizing a 3D Fabrication Studio and Textile Studio. The 3 Day Program is for professional development and there are up to 4 residents onsite for the 3 Day Program at one time. Many of our residents produce a large variety of samples that vary in size according to machine formats. This program is not for individual project production. Individuals interested in learning alongside individualized project development are welcome to apply to our Hybrid Program. There are basic materials supplied and residents can send materials to be ready for their onsite visit. Residents have access to the machines with the DFR team during facility hours. Applicants must recommend their preferred dates on their application.   See FAQ 

Other Program Details:

  • This is an intensive incubator to understand workflows and potential applications of the machines to translate design ideas into physical artworks through sample production.
  • Applications must clearly provide a detailed project proposal and learning objectives. 
  • Sample production is included in the residency participation fee. More sample production after 3 days is possible by signing up for additional days to your residency. See below.
  • There is no application fee.
  • A 15 minute online video interview with the DFR team is required for pending applications that meet DFR guidelines before formal acceptance to the program.
  • 3 Day Onsite Program allows for up to 4 residents onsite at one time with access to DFR 3D Fabrication Studio and the Textile Studio. 
  • Residents can add 2 days onto their 3 Day Onsite dates for $200 per day. This is for residents interested in producing more advanced samples allowing for a 4th day file drop off and 5th day pick up of submitted projects with a 30% - 40% discount for ADF production costs. Residents must consult with DFR staff and applicants interested in additional days are highly encouraged to mention this in their application.

HYBRID Program

Residency Participation Fee: $1,500


The Hybrid Program is a special program that is for individual project development and custom workflow development with the resident. HYBRID Program residents work with DFR fabrication experts to develop project ideas so residents learn practical application of the software to the machines in relation to their ideas and gain experience working collaboratively with fabrication experts to realize ideas into physical form. This program is developed for artists, designers and educators looking for in-depth professional development in digital fabrication technologies. Hybrid Programming is dedicated to educational experiences that engage and expand a knowledge base for beginners to more advanced level practitioners. Residents are responsible for arranging their own accommodations, travel expenses, meals and materials, if projects require materials outside of those provided. See FAQ

Program Details:

Application Process:

  • There are no application fees for this program.
  • Project proposals must clearly outline project goals, materials and learning objectives. Acceptance to the program is based on quality of project proposal to describe how the applicant wants to expand on knowledge or processes traditional or related to digital fabrication, individual project based ideas that the applicant wants to explore, learning objectives and the types of artworks that the applicant hopes to create while onsite. 
  • Applicants who meet preliminary DFR guidelines interview with the DFR team for a 15 minute online video meeting.
  • Accepted applicants are required to meet with DFR via an online video meeting for at least one hour prior to residency to discuss projects and plan for residency. 

Other Important Program Details:

  • This program involves 6 days onsite at DFR studios.
  • There are a maximum of 2 residents onsite for the Hybrid Program at one time.
  • Typical schedule is Monday through Wednesday scheduled working times with DFR staff in 3D Fabrication Studio and Textile Studio to develop project ideas via workflows and samples. Thursday and Friday finalized files are submitted for machine time and open studio time. 
  • More advanced fabrication that is full production of artworks through our fabrication company, ADF includes a 30% discount on production costs. 



Special Summer 2017 Soft Sculpture Intensive

This Soft Sculpture Intensive is open to artists with beginner to advanced experience and knowledge in both the textile technology we will cover and more traditional sewing, assembling experience. This special program is dedicated to exploring a balance of traditional techniques and how technology acts as an additional helpful tool for creating fiber based works.

The 5 day intensive session will consist of daily tutorial hands-on workshops, individual project development and open studio time. There are up to 12 resident artists onsite for the Soft Sculpture Summer Intensive. Your application project proposal is critical for our planning and programing for this special intensive.