Online Residency Program

Please Note: We are no longer accepting applications to our Summer 2016 Online Program. Please sign up for our email list for updates on application deadlines.

   Our online residency program allows artists to connect from their home or studio to learn workflows, resources and critical information about digital tools. In addition to group workshops that cover specific software to individual project development meetings with our team, this program is designed to empower artists with working knowledge of software, machines and resources that are invaluable to any project from 2D, 3D and beyond. From learning how to create a file for 3D printing, 3D Scanning, CNC routing, laser cutting, textile printing, digital embroidery, animation to project visualizations for applications and public art proposals, there is a wealth of information our team imparts to each resident. DFR uses Fuze and GoToMeeting to connect with online residents.


The Core Residency Program Workshops

 Residency Workshops: Click here to see the wide range of workshops that are part of the DFR program.

Residency Workshops: Click here to see the wide range of workshops that are part of the DFR program.


  • Individual Project Development Meetings 

           Individual project workflows are developed specific to the resident's project goals from idea to execution.

  • Group Workshops

            Workshops include technical demonstrations in entry-level programs to professional level software workflows for designing, modeling, engineering parts, file preparation, including how traditional workflows can augment digital output and locating CNC related services and professional level services providers for machine output.

  • Open Work Time 

            Optional time each week for blocks of communal meeting and project consultation. Residents bring technical questions and can talk through ideas.

  • Guest Speaker Talks

Individuals or collaboratives exploring interesting intersections of technology, art and design are invited to present their ideas, projects and experiences with residents. See 2015 Speaker Series