2017 Announcements: OnRamp Workshop Dates & New Improved Residency

Happy New Year! We are hoping to add to all the reasons why 2017 will be a year for positive growth, new levels of independence for artists to further art, openness and encourage the free passage of ideas and difference. We are excited to work with passionate creative artists and designers seeking new levels in their professional development. And on that note, we are very pleased to share that we have moved and expanded our fabrication studio facilities. What began in what we liked to call our Dutch Cottage Factory has out of necessity moved to a new space that allows for two new studios: a 3D Fabrication Studio and Textile Studio.  Included in this expansion we have acquired a 12 foot Bernina Q24 fully Automated Long Arm Sewing Machine to add to our textile resources. What is very exciting about the machine besides it's large format capabilities, is that it is a gigantic drawing machine! The Bernina can do full automated sewing of lines based on DXF files or it can be set to free motion for thread painting and free form drawing on textiles and paper. 

 Welcome Bernina Q24!

Welcome Bernina Q24!

This is in addition to our Form 2 Resin Printer that arrived in Fall 2016.

 Digital Fabrication Residency's Form 2 Resin Printer

Digital Fabrication Residency's Form 2 Resin Printer

Changes to Our Programming

Now is as great a time as any to apply for any of our onsite programs. We have updated the 3 Day Program to not only include new features but also offer extra time onsite. Our Hybrid Program has been completely revamped as you will see below. 

Winter 2017 OnRamp Workshop 

Starting on January 10th we are offering the OnRamp Workshop Program on January 10th, 12th, 17th and 19th at 12 PM EST.  

New Upcoming OnRamp Dates:

February 7,9,14,16, 2017 at 12 PM EST

3 Day Onsite Program | 2017 

For 3 days onsite the resident learns and gain hands-on experience with laser cutting, cnc routing, resin and FDM 3D printing, digital embroidery, automated long arm sewing and 3D scanning. Applications for the 3 Day onsite residency program must include a detailed project proposal that outlines what the resident plans to work on while onsite. Residents are responsible for arranging their own accommodations, travel expenses, meals and alternative materials if projects require materials outside of those provided.

DFR works with residents in an online meetings prior to their onsite visit to figure out project needs and make sure residents can arrive and hit the ground running with their ideas. The project-based goals make the time onsite productive and rewarding. The resident can utilize the 3D fabrication studio and textile studio working directly with DFR staff to produce a variety a samples based on project-based goals. There are basic materials supplied and residents can send materials to be ready for their onsite visit. Residents can work extensively learning beside the DFR team during facility hours. After 3 days onsite the resident can add additional time at DFR studios for further idea development. Please see application page for details on residency participation fees.  Applicants must recommend their preferred dates on their application. There are no application fees to apply to our programs.

HyBrid Program | 2017

This competitive program offers artists and designers the opportunity to spend more extensive time at DFR 3D fabrication studio and textile studio working to develop ideas and learn workflows specific to proposed project ideas and goals. Project proposals must specifically outline project goals and learning objectives. This program includes 6 scheduled days onsite for residents with rudimentary to advanced level experience with digital fabrication technology. This program is ideal for planning artworks for exhibitions and to better understand implementation of this technology for larger scale projects (i.e. museum, gallery, art fair and other professional art venues). Travel, lodging, food and project expenses for materials outside of those provided are the responsibility of the resident. Please see application page for Hybrid Program residency participation fees and more details.


We wish you and your family the very best in 2017! And hope to learn more about your work and ways that our programs can help you achieve your New Year goals.

All the best,

Kari & Erik