Onsite Residency Applications: 3 Day Program Highlights

   We are thrilled to report that our 3 Day Onsite Program is a very popular program that is resulting in some fascinating projects. This summer is sure to be busy with artists from all over the United States visiting the DFR studios for project-based 3 day onsite time with our team. So what have we been learning that artists need? Hands on time working in the software and going straight to the machine and then to the studio to think, recalculate, reconfigure and then return to the machine. An age old fruitful cycle of discovery, trial and error and experimentation.  This inevitably leads to new directions flourishing. As artists, we know often where you think a project is headed and where it lands is an organic journey with lots of twists and turns.

   One of the number one things that we continually hear from our residents, is that they didn't realize what all was possible and they now have so many new ideas. Part of that is learning about how the machines, software, materials and how these processes all play off of each other and build on the resident's studio practice. The other part is honestly, the DFR team brainstorming with the resident and one-on one work with each other to see where things can head. We have worked with residents of all different skill levels and interests. From printmakers to painters, sculptors to new media artists, from educators to entrepreneurial artists looking at how technology could support broader projects. 

   With so many opportunities in maker spaces and universities via continuing ed programs and summer intensives, artists often cannot find a way to work with this technology without being in a classroom situation where access to experiment is limited by a variety of factors. DFR sees each artist that becomes part of our community of residents, as part of a continuing dialog, a vital contemporary individual with infinite potential for whom room to grow and experiment with this technology is critical.

Of course though at the end of the day, th Eastern shore of Maryland is beautiful in the summer and fall. Crab season has begun and exploring the Chesapeake Bay area compliments all the creative fireworks sparked at the DFR studios. If you are thinking of applying for this summer, there is still time but send in your application very soon! Applications for the Fall are beginning to arrive so if you are thinking about how great it would be to spend 3 days learning, making and starting something new, don't wait.  

Residents have access to the following:

Boss laser 16" x 30" with tiling options, Camaster CNC router, Brother PR 1000e 10 needle digital embroidery machine, 31.5 vinyl cutter, FDM 3D printer, PE 770 Embroidery machine, Structure IO 3D Scanner, sewing studio, private studio, hand tools and of course a wide range of software access to learn pro programs and workflows.

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