Meet Liss LaFleur

My name is Liss and I am a New Media artist in Texas.  For six weeks I will be posting weekly reflections on my work, aspirations, and role as a Summer Resident with the Digital Fabrication Residency. This first post will serve as a broad introduction to my work and my goals for the residency, and as we progress through the summer I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes insights, challenges, and stories with you.

Liss LaFleur in her studio. 

WHAT IS DIGIFAB? (And yes it’s fabulous)

Before we jump in I think it’s important to note just how unique this residency is. Artist-in-Residence programs are designed to cull artists, academics, curators, and other creative personnel into a specific time and place away from their usual environments and obligations. Spaces like this are essential for reflection, productivity, and research as well as community building and learning to use new materials.

Unlike typical live/work residencies, the DigiFab Residency is unique in that it is a completely digital residency. While this might be confusing for some, as an artist who uses the computer as a primary tool, this is invigorating. My fellow residents can live as far as Argentina or New York, and we can come together as a cohort from the comfort of our own studio spaces, wherever that might be any given week.

Another important aspect of a residency program is the relationship between the resident and the host. In a post-digital era, it will be interesting to see what emerges from this human/machine relationship. How might this change in our digital workflows and project goals affect the individual pieces we’re creating? The structure of our summer residency includes: weekly one-on-one consultations, group workshops, open studio work time, and guest speakers. I’m excited to become involved in a community that allows me to - give presentations, workshops, & collaborate with a wide range of artists and makers.


+ //

+ New Media Artist

+ Assistant Professor of New Media @ The University of North Texas

+ Keywords: storytelling, gender, & technology

I find that narrative potential lies in everyday objects and materials, and their embedded cultural associations. As a storyteller, I engage narrative through installation, video, sound, neon sculptures, and performance-based work. However, as a queer New Media artist, this means translating individual experiences as a means of conveying shared stories around themes of domesticity, loss and historic parallelism.

One recent example is an audio/video installation titled “You Belong to Me.” This piece androgenizes doo-wop by depicting a young girl serenading spectators through five curtains of pink fringe. 

YOU BELONG TO ME, 2015. Copyright Liss LaFleur 


Nearly all of my work questions the role of nostalgia. My awareness and curiosity of materiality and its relationship to mortality began as a child, when I inherited 300 reel-to-reel tapes of my grandfather interviewing famous individuals through the 1960’s (ex: Liberace, Marlene Dietrich, John Lennon, etc).

One summer goal is to fabricate a sound wave from a digitized reel-to-reel into a 3d printed sculpture, with which I will create an augmented reality experience. As a DigiFab Resident, I’ll be focusing on tactile-ability as a key concept. Specifically investing new workflows to teeter between 2d and 3d tools, bringing the real into the digital and the digital into the real. Other smaller summer projects will include:

  •        Conductive & digital embroidery
  •        Combining CNC routing with projected light
  •        Digital textile printing
  •       Mold making from 3d printed objects

Please follow along with all of my fellow DigiFab summer residents and me to learn more about our work and processes. Fellow residents include: DeWitt Godfrey, Laura Splan, Michael Kellner, & Alana Perlin.

To close this first blog post I’ll leave you with some inspiration:

Fragments by Adriana Paice

London Artist Adriana Paice recent installation – Fragments – used conductive thread, sensors and sound files to create an interactive experience incorporating the poetry of Ri Pierce-Grove.