Rebecca Norton

   Artist Rebecca Norton participated in our Fall Session 2 program and has continued to work with the Digital Fabrication Residency team to develop workflows for her latest projects. Norton uses a Structure Sensor (attaches to an iPad to create 3D scan meshes) and Modo among other programs to develop some of the samplings below. Her concepts for this project revolve around  "investing time with [her] own younger self, exploring translations of 3D objects and spaces from childhood" which includes scans of her childhood home that she manipulates and reconfigures to create animations and various installation based projects. Digital Fabrication Residency has also worked with Norton to also produce sculptures that utilize 3D printing and laser cutting. 

   Digital Fabrication Residency worked with Norton in preparation for her upcoming show at Duke University that will feature works produced as a result of our residency program as well as other projects.

   Over the next few weeks we will be sharing various aspects of how this project has continued to develop.

Check out more of Norton's work: