Week 2: 9/22/14 - 9/26/14

One of the main considerations that we felt would make this residency program possible is the proliferation of maker spaces, FabLabs, TechShops and other resources evolving into a network of fabrication shops open to experimentation and creative projects not just manufacturing level production. Historically artists or designers who hit a certain level professionally with patrons and commissions would have an atelier, a workshop dedicated to the production of their work. Consider digital fabrication and the growth of localized shops/spaces resources, the democratization of the atelier. 


This week we went on the road and visited a FabLab at the Community College of Baltimore County in a quiet area of Catonsville, Maryland. Well-equipped with variety of 3D printers from desktop to the more professional level, laser cutters, a ShopBot and a full lab with SolidWorks and other assorted 3D programs. The lab has extremely inexpensive access fees and the lab manager, Molly who we met with was welcoming and clearly doing an ingenious job solving everyday machine maintenance and system challenges. 

Digital Embroidery

We were quite excited to have our new digital embroidery machine delivered this week. Kari worked to get it up and running out of the box with even a stitch out of one of our resident's sketches was completed. With past experience on commercial machines and mid-level production machines, we knew we would need a new little workhorse especially for the residency so we got a machine made by Brother. Each resident will have a variety of embroideries stitched out which we hope to highlight in the blog going forward.

A Spotlight on This Past Week's Programing: 

This week we hosted 3 group workshops as part of the intensive getting our residents fueled up for next week (another 3 before we return to 2 a week, DigiFabRes Bootcamp?) and their individual project development. 

  • Intro to Modo: Primitives, Deformers, Modeling from Images & Other Basics
  • Resources: Overview on Digital Service Providers, Information Resources, Machines & Processes: Part 1
  • Back to Modo: Action Centers, Fall-Offs...don't let geometry control you, you control it!