DigiFab Resident Siena Baldi


This week marks the beginning of a six week virtual residency that I'm super excited to be a part of. It's called the Digital Fabrication Residency and encapsulates exactly what I want to learn. I've been taking fabrication classes at TechShop Pittsburgh, but I want to get into the nitty gritty of creating files and applying my personal touch. I'm pumped to be a part of the guinea pig BETA group!

My list of goals for the residency keeps growing! It's going to be a very busy six weeks. One interesting tidbit is how much overlap there is between textiles, printmaking, and digital fabrication. All of those things interest me a great deal, but I didn't realize how much they shared conceptually before beginning this residency. 


  • make cool stuff!
  • push SCALE (i.e. go big or go home)
  • textile patterning in Illustrator
  • Spoonflower (custom fabric printing website)
  • digital embroidery (embroider on wood veneer, felt, cardboard (then turn flat planes into 3D sculpture))
  • felting?
  • Photoshop texture displacement with color blindness tests
  • amplify 3D printing file creation skills in SketchUp and Modo
  • master the pen tool in Illustrator
  • make files for ShopBot
  • combine 3D printing prototype with silicone mold to mass product an interlocking building block
  • colorblindness test animation in SketchUp

The spirit of play is my main motivator. I've already learned a LOT in the first three days and I'm sure the explosions in my brain will continue! The first workshop covered some basics in SketchUp, which I had never used before. Learning how to navigate in three dimensions using a mouse was the trickiest part! 

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 6.55.13 PM.png

This image is a sketch I made translating my obsession with mazes into three dimensions. I know it doesn't make sense to actually print because of all the support material that it would require; however, we did learn about the artist Rachel Berwick who uses support material in an interesting way.

My plan for boosting my SketchUp skill is to try to recreate this ceramic piece:

...we will see how far I get...

I'm also noodling on different kinds of connectors to come up with an interlocking 3D printed prototype that I can cast and create a mutable sculpture. Something related to vertebrae and stackable chairs...