Session 1 - Intro

There should be a saying, "Every great collaboration begins with a Powerpoint presentation".

Well, that is the way we feel. Today is the landmark day of the Digital Fabrication Residency beginning and there is a feeling of exhilaration and the hard work ahead both on our part and the residents. We had a great intro session that lasted 3 hours not only getting to know our courageous BETA residents but also just laying the groundwork for ideas, process and rolling up our sleeves to get down to business.

There is a lot about digital fabrication that is in a gas bubble of marketing hype that is wonderful in terms of making more people aware of the technology but the play and print scenario is not what artists face. For many artists and designers, we wear every hat. We are the technician, the R&D department, marketing/public relations, business manager and most importantly the creative imaginative voice behind what is being made. 

Tomorrow we begin group workshops. Curious where we are beginning? Well, it may be old school but we are all pulling up our chairs tomorrow to get down and dirty with the pen tool in Illustrator and SketchUp, first day 101. If you build it....