Breaking the Mold! Week 3 : 9/29/14 - 10/3/14

Our Friday workshop wrapped up the week with some good old hands on rubber mold-making for some of the 3D prints produced by our residents. When you have your model right, making a durable rubber mold will get you faster results for multiples of an object in plastic than waiting for your 3D see, there is a terrific compliment from the digital to traditional. There is also the possibility of 3D printing your mold and going from there! The latest products and some products soon to be released (yes, we have the inside scoop!) are serious contenders for artists and designers to get more from their model. 

Anyone who has ever tried to sell the idea of 3D printing, scanning or in general the role of digital technologies as something that is an easy 123, play and print (or router, stitch, etc) is not telling the truth ( it is more like, play and pray it prints). This week our residents definitely felt the crunch and the vast territory that is the digital toolbox. We went into design software to learn textile design pattern tools and an overview of digital textile printing technologies and a technical workshop on rigging models for movement and motion constraints. 

How to take your 3D print surface from rough stepped layers to smooth glossy sexiness!

There is a method many in the 3D printing community have been using to transform that not so attractive surface that comes out of the 3 printer (at low or medium quality printer settings) from ugly duckling to a glossy surface more like the plastic surface you might expect. In fact, this works so well it can melt away your detail! Acetone is the secret weapon up to now (think vapor bath). The company Smooth-On is coming out with a new product that is going to change the game.  

Our digital embroidery machine and 3D printer have been pumping out work for our residents. On Monday we took a FabLab visit to laser cut models for one of our residents. More updates on that project to come. And after this week, the textile designs prepared by our residents are being sent out to be printed on the textile of their choice. 

So what is up for this week coming up? Well, we are heading into Fusion 360 and on Friday, dimensional felting. Dimensional felting, you ask? Like we mentioned earlier, there is an interesting handshake between the digital and the traditional....