The Digital Craft of Making




 Detail of Disc 6, 30" Sphere designed by artist Blair Cahill, made by DFR.

Digital Embroidery

stitched to perfection

DFR's expertise in digital embroidery explodes beyond the traditional applications of embroidery. DFR provides one of kind capabilities and skill sets for creating embroidery of virtually any size and scale. Material applications include but not limited to: fabrics, leather, felt, wood veneer, paper, latex. 

CNC Routing

Countless materials to cut, more ways to assemble.

The perfect machine for creating 2D and 3D objects. Normal to high- definition detail captured with DFR's CNC router. Invaluable workflows leading from software to repeatable output at any scale. CNC routing has long been a leading technology for production of simple to complex surfaces and shapes. 


Laser Cutting & Engraving

Precesion cut or engraved

Laser cutting is one of the most diverse machines for precise, clean lines and detail. DFR's expertise in laser cutting and engraving can create a multitude of artworks in a diverse range of materials. Some traditional applications include: acrylic & plastics, wood, felt, select fabrics, paper, matte board, cardboard, rubber, leather, glass & metal etching, aluminum, brass, copper and soft steel. 

3D Scanning

Structure IO scanning technology with an intuitive interface can scan 3D objects, surfaces or architectural spaces while capturing measurements and scan data. DFR can transform scan data into sculptural objects, surfaces or animated visualizations.

3D Printing

FDM & Resin Printing

The world of 3DP continues to expand with new materials and machines continually developing. DFR has years of experience working with pro-level machines and desktop printers. DFR has a network of providers for reliable prints and DFR's in house FDM printer and Form 2 resin printer can print quality resolution prints in PLA, ABS and resin. Beyond just the print, where you take it from there is magical. Electro-plating, bronze casting and other post production processes can lead to infinite possibilities. 


This versatile machine can cut assorted types of vinyl and paper. It can also with a pen attachment draw out files on paper. Vinyl is great for masking areas that you wish to paint, creating decals, stencils, text-based installations and so many other applications.