3 Day Onsite Application

All applications received will be placed on a waiting list for the next available residency session. Residency sessions are scheduled as our fabrication production schedule allows. At this time Fall 2017 session slots are not available. If you would like to receive updates on application deadlines and session availability.

 Please read all information below carefully. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Project proposals should clearly define project goals or learning objectives. This program has a $700 residency participation fee. Participating individuals are responsible for all costs relating to lodging, food, travel and other costs associated with materials or services outside of the scope of the 3 Day Program. There are up to 4 resident artists onsite for a 3 Day session. If you have images, scanned sketches or digital files you would like to send to help inform or illustrate your project ideas, please send them to digitalfabricationresidency@gmail.com

Please visit the Onsite programing page to learn all the important details of this program before applying and visit our FAQ page for additional information.

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Project proposals must outline the applicant's goals for attending the 3 Day Onsite residency program. Applicants must discuss specific project goals, machines or areas of interest that the applicant hopes to explore during the residency and any other critical details regarding their time onsite. All applicants that pass the first phase of application review, are scheduled for an interview prior to formal acceptance. The main purpose of the project proposal is for experimenting and producing samples of ideas in the 3 Day session.
Please provide a contact number where you can be reached if we have questions. If you are applying from outside the United States, please make sure the email address provided is correct. We will contact you to set up an online meeting if necessary.
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Due to our production schedule, we schedule onsite resident participants as projects allow. If you are flexible with the possible dates for the 3 Day Onsite Residency, please check the box below.
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