Learn how art and technology work side by side.


A private independently artist run residency program taught by fabricators for artists. We have 3 distinctly different programs for artists.

3 Day Onsite Program|  Hybrid Program| OnRamp Program (New!)


The DFR team has decades of experience working with artists to translate ideas into 2D, 3D and 4D  artworks and installations. DFR's expertise in laser cutting, CNC routing, 3D printing, 3D scanning, digital embroidery, digital textile printing, 3D to bronze and countless other processes from high-tech to traditional methods, set a foundation for creative ideas to flourish into unique artworks. We work with DFR residents to explore innovative approaches in the digital craft of making.  


  • Learn how to use the software to visualize a project idea for a grant, private commission, installation or public art RFP. Learn to render images of your proposed project in the location being proposed. 
  • Work through ideas and variations in less time. Some call it fail fast, we call it learning. Every project needs to be begin with testing out ideas. Building a maquette using the laser machine before you move to a larger scale or costly material. 
  • CNC processes provide a level of precision and engineering that can let the artist focus on the post production finishing. More control over professional presentation and craftsmanship in all aspects of the project.
  • Maximize the technology for efficient use of materials, weight estimates and other practical aspects of making. 
  • Working with a scalable platform. A digital file can be engineered to any size or scale.
  • Custom hardware, brackets or structural solutions modeled to fit the needs of the material and form. 
  • 3D scan a pre-existing sculpture or environment and make adjustments.
  • Play. Yes, play in the software. Discover forms you did not think were possible. Explore materials and processes from the traditional to the unexpected.
  • Having a foundation of knowledge in a material or process considered traditional, becomes an asset for making decisions about machines, materials and other important factors.

Onsite Residency Programs:  


For 3 days onsite the resident learns and gain hands-on experience with laser cutting, cnc routing, FDM 3D printing, digital embroidery and 3D scanning. Applications for the 3 Day onsite residency program must include a project proposal that outlines what the resident plans to work on while onsite. Residents are responsible for arranging their own accommodations, travel expenses, meals and if projects require materials outside of those provided.

DFR works with residents in 2 to 3 online meetings prior to their onsite visit to figure out project needs and file preparation prior to the onsite visit. The project-based goals make the time onsite productive and rewarding. The resident can utilize a private studio to experiment with ideas as they go directly from the machine into the hands of the resident. There are basic materials supplied and residents can send materials to be ready for their onsite visit. Residents have unlimited use of the machines and DFR team during facility hours. Applicants must recommend their preferred dates on their application.

Hybrid Program

This program brings the online workshop and individual project-based learning into a 5 week program. The resident works with DFR for 3 weeks online to develop and build skill sets in digital fabrication technology that culminates in 2 weeks onsite to machine and work to produce a project. The online portion of this program is flexible to the schedule of the resident and there are 3 to 4 online meetings, tutorials per week geared specifically to the learning and project goals of the resident. Private accommodations are included in this program. Travel, food and project expenses for materials outside of those provided are the responsibility of the resident.

What software programs are discussed in the residency? Fusion 360, SketchUp, Rhino, Modo, Z-Brush, SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, NetFab, Simplify 3D, 123 Autodesk programs, PE- Design, Embird, Vectrics Suite, Fusion 360 CAM and more...See Residency Workshop topics

Online Workshop Course Program


DFR designed this special program for artists to quickly learn about software options, machines and an overview of what is possible with digital fabrication.  Powerful tutorials will focus on how all this technology enables 2D and 3D output. We like to call it the mountain top view. We provide an overview and then work our way down into some of the specifics of laser cutting/engraving, CNC routing, digital embroidery, 3D scanning, project visualization and many other amazing ways artists can transform creative concepts through the machines and into the artist's hand. No applications. Online 2 week affordable course. Enroll. Learn.

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Asheer Akram

Asheer Akram

Rebecca Norton

Rebecca Norton

Liss LaFleur

Liss LaFleur

McArthur Freeman

McArthur Freeman

Laura Splan

Laura Splan

Blair Cahill

Blair Cahill

DeWitt Godfrey

DeWitt Godfrey

Sophia Wallace

Connecting with DFR for our online programming or for meetings prior to onsite visits from our private facilities in Easton, Maryland is made possible using professional video conferencing technology. 

Learn about DFR Workshop Topics

DFR News

The Digital Craft of Making




Detail of Disc 6, 30" Sphere designed by artist Blair Cahill, made by DFR.

Digital Embroidery

stitched to perfection

DFR's expertise in digital embroidery explodes beyond the traditional applications of embroidery. DFR provides one of kind capabilities and skill sets for creating embroidery of virtually any size and scale. Material applications include but not limited to: fabrics, leather, felt, wood veneer, paper, latex. 

CNC Routing

Countless materials to cut, more ways to assemble.

The perfect machine for creating 2D and 3D objects. Normal to high- definition detail captured with DFR's CNC router. Invaluable workflows leading from software to repeatable output at any scale. CNC routing has long been a leading technology for production of simple to complex surfaces and shapes. 


Laser Cutting & Engraving

Precesion cut or engraved

Laser cutting is one of the most diverse machines for precise, clean lines and detail. DFR's expertise in laser cutting and engraving can create a multitude of artworks in a diverse range of materials. Some traditional applications include: acrylic & plastics, wood, felt, select fabrics, paper, matte board, cardboard, rubber, leather, glass & metal etching, aluminum, brass, copper and soft steel. 

3D Scanning

Structure IO scanning technology with an intuitive interface can scan 3D objects, surfaces or architectural spaces while capturing measurements and scan data. DFR can transform scan data into sculptural objects, surfaces or animated visualizations.

3D Printing

FDM & More

The world of 3DP continues to expand with new materials and machines continually developing. DFR has years of experience working with pro-level machines and desktop printers. DFR has a network of providers for reliable prints and DFR's in house FDM printer can print quality resolution prints in PLA and ABS. Beyond just the print, where you take it from there is magical. Electro-plating, bronze casting and other post production processes can lead to infinite possibilities. 


This versatile machine can cut assorted types of vinyl and paper. It can also with a pen attachment draw out files on paper. Vinyl is great for masking areas that you wish to paint, creating decals, stencils, text-based installations and so many other applications.



Specializing in digital embroidery, textile design, and utilizing digital technology for fiber, textile and sculptural applications. Lorenson is an artist, educator, writer and technical consultant with over a decade of experience in design, the visual arts and facilitating creativity. Lorenson was lead designer in creating the Nature and Technology Lab  as well as founding the Fibers and Materials Study Lab at the School of Visual Arts NYC.   An expert in emerging technology and workflows that experiment with traditional and progressive technologies. In March of 2014, Lorenson founded Knotwe, a popular online platform for artists, designers and craft professionals innovating at the forefront of craft, art, design, tradition and technology in fiber arts, textiles and surface design. 



An accomplished artist, educator, and digital fabrication consultant with over 20 years of experience in CNC technologies, and decades of traditional sculptural experience, he is highly sought after for his understanding of materials, process, industrial level workflows and engineering. Guzman has traveled around the world consulting with hundreds of artists, organizations on numerous projects both in the public art sector and for private works. He pioneered one of the first digital fabrication labs in an educational institution at the School of Visual Arts in New York City developing innovative workflows that use cutting edge technology and software.

Guzman's artwork has exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. His most recent public art project, The Weather Beacon was installed in New York City's Financial District in Lower Manhattan in 2010, receiving international attention for innovation and masterful engineering. Guzman's work has been covered by numerous publications such as Art ForumArt In AmericaBrooklyn RailSculpture and numerous other media sources. He is a featured artist in Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art written by Arthur I. Miller published 2014.